Personalised Ecologies – unlocking interactions with Nature

Interactions with nature are decreasing, alongside the very presence of nature itself. Connecting with the natural world is becoming harder, both for ourselves and for others we hope to engage with nature.

The idea of Personalised Ecologies is being used by a new research collaboration between the University of Exeter and the National Trust. ‘Renewing biodiversity through a people-in-nature approach’ (RENEW) is a five-year partnership programme to develop solutions to one of the major environmental challenges for humankind: the renewal of biodiversity.

Join this Green Futures Network event to learn about the Personalised Ecologies framework, and how it could be applied to supporting a deeper understanding of how we interact with nature, and how we can support others to reconnect.

Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2023
Time: 19:00 – 20:30 BST
Location: Online


19:00 – 19:05

Welcome & Introduction

19:05 – 19:15

How do we experience nature?

What language do we currently use to describe our interactions with the natural world? Share your perspective using Mentimeter and see how it compares with others.

19:15 – 19:30

What is a Personalised Ecology?

How can we better understand the direct interactions we each have with nature? Is it direct, conscious, and intentional? What is the impact on nature, and on you?

19:30 – 19:45

How can we use the idea of Personalised Ecologies?

How can we explore what makes up Personalised Ecology? What are the drivers, motivations and consequences of our interactions? What are the feedback loops that reinforce our experiences?

19:45 – 20:00

What is your Personalised Ecology?

Your chance to play with the framework and learn more about how to communicate your own interactions with nature.

20:00 – 20:15

How can we engage others with the idea?

What does this mean for businesses or communities? How can we use Personalised Ecologies to support others to identify and inform their relationships with nature?

20:15 – 20:30

What’s next?

Find out more about the RENEW project, and ways to get involved. Share thoughts on how resources or toolkits could help you apply the Personalised Ecologies idea to your work or projects.

The event is free and is open to all who have an interest in ecology and biodiversity, and engaging communities, businesses and more in the natural world. Find out more about the Green Futures Network at, about RENEW at, and about the Biodiversity and People Network at