A Transect for Trelowarren

Walking and talking with researchers along a line from the Environment and Sustainability Institute to the Trelowarren estate, which is in the early stages of a re/wilding program....

Bram Thomas Arnold is an artist who started with walking and kept going. Walking has become the foundation of his transdisciplinary practice. For A Transect for Trelowarren he drew a line from the Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) in Penryn to the Trelowarren estate near Helston, Cornwall. Working collaboratively with a team of researchers, including ecologists, geologists and cultural geographers at the ESI, Bram walked and talked with them along this line finding out more about their individual areas of research. This team worked with the Trelowarren estate to gather data that informed a process of ‘wilding’ on parts of the estate, allowing nature to flourish once more. The project uncovered what was already there, what could be there and what should be there, which in turn created a composition of narrative gestures and performed texts out of fragmented conversations.

Image credit: Eden Project


Bram Thomas Arnold, Prof Caitlin DeSilvey, other researchers at the University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute


Environment and Sustainability Institute (University of Exeter), Arts and Culture (University of Exeter), Trelowarren Estate