Joint Centre for Excellence in Environmental Intelligence

Pioneering the use of Environmental Intelligence to inform decision-making and improve risk management, leading towards a sustainable interaction with the natural environment and delivery of Net Zero....

The Joint Centre for Excellence in Environmental Intelligence brings together world-leading researchers from the University of Exeter and the Met Office, to pioneer the development of Environmental Intelligence research and deliver innovative, interdisciplinary education and training. Environmental Intelligence is a new field of knowledge that exploits the explosion in Environmental data and the rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence to create solutions to some of the most important challenges facing society today. Working at the interface of environmental and sustainability research, data science, artificial intelligence and digital technologies, the initial focus areas for the Joint Centre include climate change, clean air, health and extreme weather events.


Prof Gavin Shaddick, Dr Kirstine Dale, Dr Emilie Vanvyve, Dr Dawn Scott, Dr James Salter, Dr Aaron Hopkinson


University of Exeter, Met Office