NetZeroPlus / Greenhouse Gas Removal Plus (GGR+): Sustainable Treescape Demonstrator & Decision Tools

Helping to implement the planting of 750,000 hectares of trees over 25 years....

Greenhouse Gas Removal Plus (GGR+) is a four year (2021-2025), £4.3 million project that will gather evidence, address knowledge gaps and allow decision makers to understand the consequences of different tree planting options for storing carbon, creating habitats to conserve wild species, enhancing water quality, regulating rainfall, reducing flood risk, and providing recreation. The project will design innovative “decision support tools” that allow users to examine the effects of a tree planting investment or policy in terms of these things, alongside food production and the incomes of those involved. Perhaps most revolutionary, this tool will allow users to specify what outcomes they want and then see what planting, policy or investments they need to get those outcomes.


Prof Ian Bateman, Prof Richard Brazier, Dr James Morrison, Dr Amy Binner, Prof Richard Betts, Prof Rosemary Hails, Dr Astley Hastings, Prof Brett Day, Dr Karen Anderson, Prof Daniel Williamson, Prof Charles Tyler, Prof Nadine Unger, Prof Claire Belcher, Robert Matthews, Prof Matthew Heard, Prof Peter Cox, Dr Timothy Hill, Dr Anna Harper, Dr Sabrina Eisenbarth


University of Exeter, University of Aberdeen, Defra, Confederation of Forest Industries, Knepp Castle Estate, Network Rail, PEFC UK Ltd, Tree Carbon Offset Exchange, British Army, The Tree Council, Scottish Forestry, Dragon Capital Markets (Europe) Ltd, Terranomics Limited, The Committee on Climate Change, Natural England, Natural Resources Wales, Cornwall Council, HM Treasury, Grown in Britain, South West Water, The James Hutton Institute, The Natural History Museum, Perridge Estate, The Environment Bank Ltd, Devon County Council, BNP Paribas, The Woodland Trust, Exmoor National Park Authority, Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC), Agxiata, Wood Knowledge Wales, National Farmers Union (NFU), Forestry England, Timber Trade Federation, RSA Food, Farming Country Commission, Re Generation Earth Ltd, North Devon Biosphere Foundation, Sylvawood Agriculture Ltd, Satellite Applications Catapult, New Foundation Farms Ltd, eftec Ltd