‘Pebbled Heights, Mossy Depths’: A Literary Soundwalk

This stunning new literary soundwalk creates an immersive experience of navigating part of the East Devon Way, using imaginative words and spatial sound to connect audiences imaginatively with its dis...

Wanderous is a new, creative research project by Ellen Wiles exploring the possibilities for literary soundwalks to connect diverse audiences imaginatively and deeply with wild places, landscapes, and nature, in the context of climate change and the biodiversity crisis. It explores the relationship between literary narratives and science, between sound and embodied experience, and between art and activism. ‘Pebbled Heights, Mossy Depths’ is a literary soundwalk commissioned by the East Devon AONB, and it follows part of the East Devon Way, moving through a rich variety of landscapes, exploring the ways in which this place is unique, rich in biodiversity, and fragile in the face of climate change.

Image credit: Ellen Wiles


Dr Ellen Wiles, Ellie Williams, Nicholas Allan


University of Exeter, Double Elephant, East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty