Welcome to the Biodiversity and People Network

We bring together academics, businesses, civil society, and government bodies who share a common concern over the loss of biodiversity and the urgent need for its renewal. The network is managed by the University of Exeter, but is a truly collaborative endeavour. At its inception, the network included more than 30 partners, and this is constantly growing.


The shared aims of the network are to…

1/ Reverse declines in biodiversity.

2/ Activate enthusiasm for biodiversity.

3/ Reconnect disengaged people with biodiversity.

4/ Challenge disciplinary & sectoral barriers to develop a new approach to biodiversity renewal.


Our vision is to place biodiversity centre stage from the boardroom to the community garden, to enable an integrated and inclusive approach to overcome the challenges of biodiversity renewal. Solving the biodiversity crisis will require all sectors of our society to work together. We are always on the lookout for new people and partners to join our mission. Please do get in touch – we look forward to having you onboard.